Permaculture is 

  • Care of Earth
  • Care of People
  • Share of Resource
Permaculture Ouroboros

Permaculture Ouroboros


A permaculture design is gardening for the 21st century. Permaculture gardening is an interconnected system with low waste. It is a healthy, sustainable system for growing your own food that can be managed even with a busy lifestyle.

A permaculture plan can be created whether you live in a building with no ground available, or on a homestead of multiple acres. You will receive a unique design based on your household habits and needs. You implement the design on your terms, in your time frame, by creating it yourself or contracting for services yourself. You may choose to have Solomon’s Knot contract and oversee services for you.

A Permaculture system uses interconnected perennial foods that once in place require little maintenance. You may choose to supplement perennial food plants with annual vegetables.

Initial consultation is affordable for most people. Barter is considered. Initial consultation includes an on-site evaluation looking at sun, soil (if any), and water sources.